Boys' Latin High School

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Message from our CEO

 Hallmarks of Boys’ Latin are our climate for scholarship, community and family connections, and powerful learning opportunities.
Climate for Scholarship: Boys’ Latin is committed to the belief that learning should take place in a supportive, structured, safe environment that provides a challenging curriculum, effective resources, and a code of conduct that promotes respect for self and others. We work to ensure our students learn and grow in an environment that protects, challenges, and nurtures each one as a worthy individual.
Community and Family Connections: At Boys’ Latin we recognize that student learning happens best when there is a partnership between educators, students, and parents. We strive to ensure that each member of the alliance composing our school community has a voice in how we evolve as an organization; we strive to maintain a culture where diversity – of people, opinion, and perspective – is valued and recognized for its ability to make us stronger; and we strive to understand and support each student along his unique developmental path. The partnership between parents, teachers, and students at our school is the foundation that can enable each of our young men to be the architect of his own fortune.
Powerful Learning Opportunities: Students at Boys’ Latin are engaged in daily opportunities to read, write, and analyze; to think critically and creatively; to understand and use various technologies; to grapple with challenging questions within and across disciplines; and to develop curiosity and enthusiasm about learning. Boys’ Latin is a place where students view writing as a life skill; a place where students engage in a host of extracurricular, enrichment, and skill-building activities as part of their educational experience; and a place where students recognize the value of self and the value of community. Boys’ Latin provides a forum where all students can work together, share ideas, and learn from each other. The students of Boys’ Latin are in the midst of creating a legacy. Together, we can provide them the opportunity to be the leaders that shape our world and our tomorrow. As we move forward together in the spirit of collaboration, please contact me with any questions or ideas so we can work together for the sake of our students.
Dr. Noah Tennant
Chief Executive Officer